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Become A Distributor

How many Clients have you referred to your local beauty supply to purchase hair?

How much commissions have you earned from these sales?

If you install hair extensions at least five times a week and you are receiving nothing I return for the referrals you have made, Stop Giving Money Away Today and become a Crème de la Crème Hair Distributor. Streamline your customers experience by providing everything she needs right there in your salon.


Email [email protected] to become a distributor today!!

Salon/Stylist will purchase hair directly from Crème de la Crème Hair at a reduced wholesale cost and become a Crème de la Crème Retailer.


  • More control of pricing of products
  • Larger profits for salon/stylist
  • Convenience of products being in house for clients
  • Quality hair that lasts 1-2 years
  • Access to sales and marketing materials
  • The average Crème de la Crème Hair Retailer earns between $1,800.00-$4,000.00 per month

    (Average commission based on a minimum of 5 average sales per week at moderate pricing)